The Alliance Token

Advantages of Blockchain and Waves Platform

Why Blockchain & Why Now

The Use CaseBlockchain represents the forefront of distributed ledger technology. There are a finite number of Alliance Tokens issued. The Blockchain distributed ledger ensures that there will be no dilution and accurate accounting for purchases, redemptions and trades. We chose the feature rich Blockchain Technology provided by the state-of-the-art Waves Platform. Our members get all the benefits of Blockchain security and transparency with a reliable infrastructure. Bitcoin Currency vs The Alliance TokenBitcoin and other cryptocurrency coin offerings have proven to be quite volatile. Like other speculative asset classes prices rise and fall based on speculation and market forces. 


The Alliance Token has been carefully designed to be stable. The technical term for this class of crytocurrency is ‘Utility Token’. Utility Tokens are designed to provide specific types of value to the Token holder, but also provide all of the benefits of Blockchain technology.Waves Blockchain Platform AdvantagesThe Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform founded in 2016. Waves Platform provides a shared infrastructure, offering easy-to-use, highly functional tools to make blockchain available to every person or organisation that can benefit from it. 


WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. National currencies transfer is maintained on the WAVES blockchain through compliant gateway operators.The Waves WalletThe Waves Wallet is the official wallet for the Waves Platform. It is available for all the key computing platforms; Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and Mobile Apps for IOS and Android. The Waves Wallet Platform is a secure digital wallet than can hold all of your major crypto assets, allowing you to easily transfer and trade assets. The Waves Wallet uses a built-in decentralized exchange platform.

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Tokens are originally valued at $25 (1 Token). However, we are reselling it at a discounted price $20 (1 Token). And IF anyone purchases 200 Tokens or beyond, he/she will be given SPECIAL privilege with price reduced to just $12.50!


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